Our approach

Optimized installation

Use your bollard to create a barrier against mosquitoes by determining the strategic location for its installation. If your site requires several bollards, you can duplicate their effectiveness by arranging them to create a real barrier.

Once positioned between a mosquito’s living and breeding territory, or even around the area to be protected, the network of bollards acts like an anti-mosquito barrier: when female mosquitoes try to cross it, they are attracted by the olfactory lures and sucked into the bollard.

For optimum protection against mosquitoes, our Mosquizen experts will advise you on the ideal location for the bollards. Take advantage of Mosquizen’s expertise now, and carry out your free, easy installation study via the Qista application or by contacting our teams.

The benefits of the Qista mosquito bollard


Designed to combat mosquitoes without harming people or the environment, the Qista mosquito bollard is designed to convince even the most reluctant of souls about clean mosquito control: forget the inconvenience of other anti-mosquito gadgets, the Qista solution is full of advantages!

Did you know that, in addition to reducing mosquito nuisance by up to 88%(*), it offers a number of advantages over other solutions on the market?


Once installed in your garden, you won’t even hear it! Its patented technology makes it virtually silent. Barely a whisper equivalent to the noise of a domestic VMC when you’re standing right next to it.


The Qista mosquito bollard is completely odorless. Its olfactory lure emission system emits no odors perceptible to humans or animals, only to the female mosquito.


Small and compact, the Qista Mosquito Bollard is discreet in the garden. It blends in perfectly with the surrounding décor like a piece of garden furniture, so you won’t even notice it’s there.


Unlike some mosquito repellent gadgets on the market, which only have a perimeter of action of a few dozen centimetres around the device, the Mosquito Repellent Terminal acts in a radius of up to 60m. If required, Qista’s biologists can carry out a customized implementation study to optimize mosquito capture according to your terrain.

qista mosquizen terminal


Bollard maintenance is simple and minimal: simply replace the consumables every month during the operating period. You can carry out this operation yourself, or have it carried out by a Qista technician. Off-season, simply winterize your terminal. Discover our maintenance tips in our dedicated section: Maintenance and care of your bollard.

Respectful of nature and people


Some other anti-mosquito solutions can be toxic and dangerous for the environment or living beings. Allergenic risks, diffusion of toxic products, disruption of ecosystems… your family is not always safe with this type of solution. Some even present explosive hazards.

The Qista Mosquito Kiosk is totally risk-free. Whether for living beings or the environment.

It does not diffuse any toxic or controversial products that could harm your health or that of your children. Nor does it pose any risk to your pets.

Completely safe
CO2 used as a consumable poses absolutely no risk of explosion or poisoning. And access to the various terminal components (consumables, electrical system, manual programmer, etc.) is totally secure.


In mosquitoes, only the female bites as she hunts to feed her eggs. Qista has therefore developed a totally selective solution that respects biodiversity, capturing neither male mosquitoes nor any other insects.


The ecological advantage of the terminal is that the CO2 used as a consumable is entirely recovered. Qista does not produce carbon dioxide, but uses the carbon dioxide generated by fermentation during agricultural storage, or the natural CO2 present in the subsoil. This food-grade CO2 is similar to that of soft drinks.


The frequent use of pesticides has generated a strong resistance phenomenon in mosquitoes. These chemical and neurotoxic products are therefore less and less effective when used on these insects. As the Qista process is based on mosquito capture and not on the massive use of neurotoxic products, it does not increase the phenomenon of mosquito resistance to insecticides.

Connected technology


The Qista Mosquito Kiosk is a real concentrate of technology, accessible to everyone using a simple Smartphone and the free Qista application.

Layout study
The Qista application lets you carry out your own site survey directly from your garden, to define the ideal location for your bollard and guarantee maximum efficiency.

Remote control
This application also lets you set and program your bollard remotely, directly from your Smartphone, whether from your garden, your workplace or anywhere else. The Qista connected terminal is fitted with a SIM card that enables it to receive information from the application directly from the cell phone network.

Capture statistics
The mosquito bollard is equipped with numerous sensors, including a capture counter. With it, you can consult the capture statistics for each of your bollards and measure the number of mosquitoes in your garden over a given period.

Automatic settings
Thanks to its weather sensors, the terminal can automatically adjust its settings according to environmental conditions, saving you up to 30% on consumables.

Follow Mosquizen recommendations regarding frequency of use.

When installing your bollard or machine park, Mosquizen’s experts have carried out a site survey and provided you with recommendations based on the specific features of the area to be protected. In particular, the timing of use, the daily operating range and the type of lure to be used.

It is therefore essential to respect these recommendations, as well as the location recommended by Qista following this study, to ensure the effectiveness of each Qista anti-mosquito bollard.

Preventing breeding sites


In addition to the intrinsic effectiveness of the anti-mosquito bollard, you can optimize mosquito control by applying a few preventive rules to prevent female mosquitoes from laying eggs in the vicinity of the area to be protected.
The most favorable condition for female mosquitoes to lay their eggs is the presence of stagnant water. The smallest puddle becomes a haven for reproduction and egg development. Here are a few precautions to take


Drain unnecessary wetlands:

saucers for flower pots, watering cans, various containers…

→ Regularly empty stagnant rainwater or watering water from the various containers in the garden.

Renew the water in small containers regularly:

bird baths, pet water bowls…

→ Every 4 days maximum (more frequently ideally) empty the water from bird baths and pet bowls, rinse the containers and refill them with clean water.

Animate all stagnant waters:

basins, ponds, ponds, water tanks, large troughs…

→ Every 4 days maximum (more frequently ideally) empty the water from bird baths and pet bowls, rinse the containers and refill them with clean water.

Maintain your exteriors regularly:

gutters and drainage systems…

→ Regularly check that your gutters aren’t clogged and that water circulation in nearby streams and ditches isn’t obstructed.
→ Think about using protective grids for your gutters, for example.

Protect areas that cannot be emptied:

open recovery tank…

→ If you have an open cistern for collecting rainwater, you can prevent female mosquitoes from laying eggs by covering the tank with a mosquito net or by depositing around ten centimetres of polystyrene beads on the surface of the water.

Free yourself at last from mosquitoes


Mosquitoes, particularly tiger mosquitoes, are vectors of several diseases transmissible to humans (chikungunya, zika, dengue fever, malaria) that are potentially very dangerous for the elderly, the immunocompromised, babies, young children and pregnant women.

Did you know that mosquito bites can sometimes cause allergic reactions? That mosquitoes can also transmit serious diseases to your pets?

With the effectiveness of a radius of up to 60 meters per bollard placed outdoors in an open area, the Qista mosquito repellent solution protects your family and pets without any risk to their health.

A range of up to 60 metres, up to 10,000 m²* protected per machine. (*in an obstacle-free zone)

Certify your commitment to eco-responsibility

With Clean Mosquito Control certification, you can offer your public a venue that is committed to respecting the environment, and guaranteed to be free of mosquitoes and chemical treatments.
In addition to raising the profile of your company’s commitment, this certification will enable you to be listed among the establishments committed to the approach. You’ll benefit from greater visibility with potential customers looking for a mosquito-free, eco-responsible establishment.